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Donations & Contributions

Every fall, artists gather in studios and rehearsal halls throughout the world to prepare for the beginning of a new performing season. It is the most exciting time of year for performers and creators.  A communal “here we go” is heard in a multitude of venues. This is where you come in – because without an audience, what happens in the studio has no relevance. Without you to purchase tickets and tell your friends about us we cannot and would not exist. Ballet of the Dolls is dedicated to creating challenging and surprising new work, sharing our theater home at the Ritz with artists of all genres, creating a community gathering space and reaching out in all ways possible to bring new audiences to “the coolest street in the Twin Cities.”

I am sure you have been made aware by other performing arts groups in our community, that without your financial contributions we would all disappear.  So, let me join with the others in asking for your support of a rich and diverse population of performing arts groups.  Whatever you can afford is greatly appreciated and will help us continue to bring daring and innovative performances to all audiences.

On a personal note, the Ritz has truthfully reinvigorated my creativity. Having a permanent and familiar performance home has made us all more courageous and dedicated.  Having other dance companies work in our home has made me feel more connected, inspired and focused.  The importance of art and the need for a place like the Ritz with its ability to bring performers and audiences together from all walks of life has never been more clear to me than it is right now.

Your support will make a difference.  Contributions from you and others will guarantee that Ballet of the Dolls and the Ritz Theater remain an important asset for everyone.  Please consider supporting us with a donation.  I promise you will not be disappointed.


Myron Johnson,
Artistic Director
Ballet of the Dolls

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