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Facilities Rental

Rent the Ritz!

For rates and availability for booking an event (private or ticketed), please contact our administrative offices at 612-623-7660, or email mike(at)ritzdolls(dot)com.

The newly renovated historic Ritz Theater showcases a variety of entertainment and excels as a performing arts venue, with a sprung floor (one of a handful in the Twin Cities), an in-house box office system, welcoming rates for artists, and a vibrant neighborhood nightlife.   Its romantic, old-world charm also makes it the perfect location for private events.  You can rent the entire theater for a full-on musical theater production, teach classes in our studio, or have a meeting with clients in the lobby.  Contact us today for details!

Ritz Theater Basic Non-Performance Rental Packages

For information about availability and rates, send a message to or call our administrative line at 612-623-7660.

The spaces will be used on an “As Is” basis (Repertory lighting system and permanent sound system).  Changes to lighting or sound systems will require additional technical set-up fees and technician time.  Rental rates are based on the assessed needs of user and are determined by the Ritz Theater Production Manager.  Please inquire.

The Ritz Theater can provide concessions at events including soft drinks, beer, wine, and a modest selection of food. All proceeds will go to the Ritz Theater.  Users may sell their own, non-consumable merchandise.  User may staff merchandise table  or hire Ritz Theater staff.  Ritz Theater staffing for User merchandise table is $15/hr at a 4 hour minimum.  ALL ALCOHOL MUST STAY INSIDE & ON THE PREMISES — ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS – This APPLIES to PATRONS & PERFORMERS ALIKE.

All shows and events must have at least one space technician or Ritz Theater staff member on the crew for the event.

A. Studio Rental Includes:

  • 50’ x 28’ Studio space (1428’sq)
  • Sprung dance floor covered by Marley
  • Rehearsal sound system with CD playback, separate 6-channel mixer
  • 2 portable ballet barres
  • Separate entrance with vestibule and lounge area.
  • Kitchenette
  • Separate bathrooms

B. Main Stage Rental Includes:

  • Main Stage (50’ x 30’ or 1530’sq)
  • Front lobby
  • Dressing rooms
  • Green Room
  • Bathroom facilities in main lobby
  • Concession area
  • Theater seating
  • 242 pp capacity*

C. Studio and Main Stage Includes:

  • Back Studio (51’ x 28’ or 1428’sq)
  • Kitchenette
  • Main Stage (51’ x 30’ or 1530’sq)
  • Front lobby
  • Bathroom facilities off of studio and in main lobby
  • Concession area
  • 242 pp capacity*

*Please note that the main stage and studio capacities are fixed.  Groups using the studio and the main stage will not be able to fit a main stage capacity crowd in the studio space.

These packages include use of technical systems, an allocation of technician time, Front of House staff, and House Management.  This does not include additional set-up time; this may be added for an hourly fee (See details below).

Lighting design services are available from The Ritz’s Resident Lighting Designer.  Please inquire.

In the event that you perform at the Ritz Theater, please download, complete & email this EVENT SETUP FORM to laura(at)ritzdolls(dot)com

Ritz Theater General Information


-The Ritz shares a lot with the other 13th Ave. businesses across the street from the theater in the Sheridan School playground. This is accessed through the gate at the back of the NELC parking lot.
-Street options are good on 4th street and further down 13th but please note that the block immediately in front of the theater is time restricted (90 min.) before 6p.m.

Standard Seating Capacity: 238

-The Ritz is ADA compliant with automatic doors in the entry vestibule and removable seating in the center aisle to accommodate wheelchair patrons. Fire exits are at street level and lead into the alley next to the theater.

-The Ritz can be configured in a “cabaret mode” with café tables placed throughout the house, great for cabaret style shows or any event that would benefit from a more informal setting. Seating capacity numbers do not change in this configuration.


-The Ritz has an in-house ticketing system, including both online and “at the door” sales. The Ritz also has large poster boxes on the front of the building to advertise upcoming events.

-The Ritz has a wine and beer license and operates a bar in the lobby. In addition to wine and beer the bar carries water, soda, and small snacks. Please note all product served at the bar must be obtained by and served by Ritz personnel. The Ritz stocks a standard selection of products but other products can be obtained for specific events for a nominal up-charge.

-Bathrooms are located in the lobby and are also ADA compliant.

-The Ritz has a number of folding and cabaret tables available for events, as well as 100 folding chairs.

The Stage-

-Stage dimensions are 50 feet wide* (without masking) x 30 feet deep. Stage depth is actually variable because the front edge of the stage is curved, 30 feet is the distance from the upstage wall to the down center edge of the stage lip.

-Playing area with standard masking is approximately 30 feet wide x 27 feet deep.

-Stage Floor is a sprung dance floor of painted plywood. The Ritz owns a Marley dance floor that can be put down for dance concerts.

-Grid is a hung 1 1/2 inch pipe grid, its height over the stage varies, please consult the Ritz section view PDF for more details.

-Load in is done through the large loading doors midstage right or through the smaller stage door upstage right. Both of these doors open onto the alley on the west side of the theater. Please note this alley is for loading and unloading only. No parking is allowed in the alley.

-Backstage Crossover is through the dressing rooms backstage.

-The Dressing Room is backstage and is accessible from both upstage right and left. The Dressing Room has one long makeup counter area (approximately 12 stations), good lighting and power. There is also a second smaller counter with a sink. There are two shower equipped bathrooms attached to the Dressing Room.

Technical Capabilities-

-The Ritz has an installed Repertory lighting plot designed by the Resident Lighting Designer. This plot was designed with an emphasis towards dance but is flexible enough to accommodate most applications. Please contact the Production Manager for details.

-The Ritz has an installed Bose PA system and a stock of microphones, stands, cables, etc to accommodate live music applications.

-The Ritz has an installed video projector available for use in presentations, stage works or screenings. The projector can be connected to multiple source types. In-house the Ritz has DVD capability and the cables to connect the projector to most computers. Please contact Production Manager for specs and details.

-The Ritz owns a 5-foot baby grand piano, this piano is normally kept in the dance studio but is available for use in the theater.

The Studio-

-The Ritz has a large rehearsal studio behind the theater, this room’s dimensions are: 50 feet wide x 26 feet deep. The studio is accessed via the stage door off the west alleyway.

-The studio has a sprung dance floor covered with a Marley dance surface and has mirrors on three walls.

-The studio has its own lobby and bathroom and is also connected to the dressing room bathrooms.

-The studio is available for classes and events. Please note that the studio is not a part of the general stage rental package but can be added for a nominal charge.